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“Harnessing the Power of Plant Growth Regulators: A Comprehensive Guide to Boosting Crop Productivity”
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Dairy Farming: Nurturing Nature’s Nutrient-Rich Elixir
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6 Crop Rotation Techniques for Sustainable Farming
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Turning Agricultural Waste into Treasure: The Eco-Friendly Bio-Thermocol from paddy and wheat stubble
How to grow and care for succulents
How to grow and care for succulents
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Urban Oasis: How Green Roofs are Changing Cityscapes
Plant these vegetables at home before Diwali, there will be no need to buy in winter.
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Kharif Crops Prices issued by the Marketing season 2023-24.
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The Essentials of Successful Poultry Farming: A Comprehensive Guide
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A Blooming Guide: How to Grow and Cultivate Roses
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Blossoming Beauty: Floriculture in Uttarakhand
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Finger Millet: The Nutrient-Rich Grain Reviving Health and Agriculture
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‘Evergreen’ variety of mango, total 3 yields in a year, fruits will remain on the tree for 12 months continuously
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Tomato Seeds Unveiled: Your Complete Growing Blueprint
Fertilizer Subsidy
Fertilizer Subsidy Sees a Decline to Rs 1.8 Trillion in FY 24: Unraveling the Implications for Agriculture and Economic Landscape

Category: Agronomy and soil science

“Harnessing the Power of Plant Growth Regulators: A Comprehensive Guide to Boosting Crop Productivity”

Plant growth regulators (PGRs), also known as plant hormones or phytohormones, are essential signaling molecules that regulate various aspects of plant growth and development. These chemical substances are produced naturally within plants and play critical roles in controlling processes such as cell division, elongation, differentiation, and responses to environmental stimuli. In this comprehensive exploration, we […]

The emotional effect of quality seeds on Indian farming

Introduction: A great change is happening on Indian’s farmlands, involving not only land but soul as well. This transition from classical into quality seeds is not simply an adjustment practice; it is a travel consisting of weeping, endurance, and, finally, success. This article narrates the stories of resilience from the Indian farmers who depend on high-quality seeds […]

6 Crop Rotation Techniques for Sustainable Farming

Crop rotation is a foundational practice in sustainable agriculture, offering a host of benefits for both the environment and the farmer. This technique involves systematically planting different crops in a specific order over multiple seasons. The goal is to break the cycle of pests, diseases, and nutrient depletion in the soil, ultimately promoting long-term agricultural […]

The Heritage of Pantnagar Seeds

Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology (GBPUAT), Pant Nagar also known as the harbinger of the green revolution, is situated in the Bhabar region of Uttarakhand. The University was established in the year 1960 on a land grant pattern, paving the way for revitalizing the backbone of the Indian economy i.e., agriculture and […]

Finger Millet: The Nutrient-Rich Grain Reviving Health and Agriculture

Finger millet, scientifically known as Eleusine coracana, is a remarkable grain that has been an integral part of traditional diets in many parts of the world, particularly in Africa and Asia. This nutritious cereal, often referred to as “ragi” in India, has gained recognition for its exceptional health benefits and its ability to contribute to […]

The Nutritional Powerhouse: Exploring the Benefits of Millets

In this article, we will delve into the world of millets, exploring their health benefits of millets, culinary uses, and why they deserve a prominent place in your kitchen. Introduction In recent years, millets have made a remarkable comeback on the global food stage, emerging as a superfood with immense nutritional and environmental benefits. These […]

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