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Expensive fruits: The price of this melon and watermelon will cover so many things…

Expensive fruits

Expensive Fruits:

Yubari melon grown in Japan is considered to be the most expensive fruit in the world. At the same time, you will be surprised to hear the prices of watermelons grown here.  

Most Expensive Fruits in the World: 

Some people like to eat fruits very much. Fruits have been an important part of our diet since ancient times. If you are also fond of eating fruits full of taste and vitamins, then this news is important for you. Today we will tell you about some such fruits, which are not only nutritious but their price is also in thousands. Let us know about the two most expensive fruits in the world…    

Yubari Melon

The name of Yubari melon tops the list of most expensive fruits in the world. This melon is grown only in Japan. The shape of this melon is absolutely round. Besides, its peel is also smooth. These melons are very sweet. The people there also give it as a gift on festival occasions. These melons are grown in a limited quantity. Therefore they need special care. Melon takes about 100 days to be ready. According to reports, it was sold in the year 2021 for around Rs 18 lakh. Whereas in the year 2022, it was auctioned for around Rs 20 lakh.

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Densuke watermelon

After Yubari melon, the most expensive melon is also grown in Japan. It is called Densuke watermelon. It is mainly cultivated on the north-eastern islands of Japan. At the same time, people also know it by the name of black watermelon. The weight of this watermelon is about 11 kg. Also, there are no spots or stripes on its peel. Compared to other watermelons, it is slightly sweeter. A black Densuke watermelon costs $250. But reports suggest that it was sold for $6,100 in 2008. It is grown on Hokkaido island of Japan.

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