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Grow fresh bottle gourd at home, know the easy way
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Succulents: Nature’s Resilient Beauties
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Thriving at -20°C: Ladakh Farmers’ Agricultural Feat with KVK Technologies
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How to grow and care for succulents
How to grow and care for succulents
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Urban Oasis: How Green Roofs are Changing Cityscapes
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Blossoming Beauty: Floriculture in Uttarakhand
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Fertilizer Subsidy Sees a Decline to Rs 1.8 Trillion in FY 24: Unraveling the Implications for Agriculture and Economic Landscape

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Grow fresh bottle gourd at home, know the easy way

​Bottle Gourd Cultivation: You can grow good and fresh bottle gourd in your home. For this you must have taken special care of the things mentioned here.   Today we will tell you about a green vegetable which is very tasty to eat. It is also full of many qualities. Yes, we are talking about bottle gourd. Bottle gourd […]

Succulents: Nature’s Resilient Beauties

Succulents, a diverse and captivating group of plants, have captured the hearts of gardeners, interior decorators, and plant enthusiasts worldwide. Known for their unique and often otherworldly appearances, these hardy plants have gained popularity for their adaptability, low maintenance requirements, and their ability to thrive in a wide range of environments. What are Succulents? Succulents […]

Thriving at -20°C: Ladakh Farmers’ Agricultural Feat with KVK Technologies

In the high-altitude terrain of Ladakh, where snow-capped peaks and arid landscapes dominate the scenery, a remarkable agricultural transformation is unfolding. Driven by the innovative ideas and relentless efforts of scientists and experts working in the Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs) of Ladakh, the region’s farmers are now reaping the rewards of a diversified and thriving […]

How to grow and care for succulents

Succulents are popular plants known for their unique appearance and relatively low maintenance requirements. Guidelines on how to grow and care for succulents: Select the Right Succulent: Choose a succulent species that is suitable for your climate and lighting conditions. Some common indoor succulents include Echeveria, Sedum, Crassula, and Haworthia. Use Well-Draining Soil: Succulents require […]

Exploring the Best Outdoor Plants for Your Garden: A Comprehensive Guide to Transforming Your Outdoor Space

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best outdoor plants for your garden, covering a wide range of options to suit different climates, soil types, and personal preferences. A well-maintained garden is not just a beautiful addition to your home but also a sanctuary where you can connect with nature. Choosing the right outdoor […]

Urban Oasis: How Green Roofs are Changing Cityscapes

The need for ecologically friendly and sustainable solutions grows as our cities continue to grow and expand. There are several problems brought on by urbanisation, such as air pollution, extreme heat, and a lack of green space. Green roofs have become more popular in recent years as a reaction to these problems. Known also as […]

A Blooming Guide: How to Grow and Cultivate Roses

How to Grow and Cultivate Roses : Roses have captivated the hearts of gardeners and flower enthusiasts for centuries.In this article we will study How to Grow and Cultivate Roses . These iconic blooms not only adorn our gardens but also symbolize love, beauty, and elegance. If you’ve ever dreamt of cultivating your own vibrant […]

Blossoming Beauty: Floriculture in Uttarakhand

Floriculture in Uttarakhand : Floriculture is the important branch of horticulture where we study about the production,maintenance and utilization of the flower crops and it also plays a vital role in the alliedindustries of cosmetics, food, beverages and nutraceutical industries. The flower products haveits own potential market that’s rapidly growing all around the world. India […]

Expensive fruits: The price of this melon and watermelon will cover so many things…

Expensive Fruits: Yubari melon grown in Japan is considered to be the most expensive fruit in the world. At the same time, you will be surprised to hear the prices of watermelons grown here.   Most Expensive Fruits in the World:  Some people like to eat fruits very much. Fruits have been an important part of our […]

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